Supporting Those Who Support Us


Membership of CSP is made up of various community groups and members of the public.

Membership is also welcomed from employees of the Queensland Police Service and other emergency services throughout Queensland.

As a not- for – profit community driven volunteer organisation, Community Supporting Police Inc (CSP) is reliant on members to volunteer their time and passion to assist our organisation uphold our motto to “support those who support us”.

If you would like to be actively involved in supporting the members of the Queensland Police Service in their time of need please check out the opportunities below and send through an expression of interest form to

How to join

To become a member of CSP you must be over 18 years of age.
Membership is contingent on the acceptance of your application by the Management Committee. For the Committee to consider your application:

  1. Complete the application form – Please use the Contact Us page to request an application form for membership
  2. Have it signed singed by both a proposer and seconded; and
  3. forward the form to the CSP secretary for tabling at a Management Committee Meeting.

For your information the proposer and seconder must be:

  1. Current members of CSP; AND
  2. know the applicant sufficiently well to vouch for if asked to do so.

If neither 1 or 2 apply then, you may contact the CSP Secretary and make arrangements to attend a meeting to meet with members of the Management Committee and participate in a CSP meeting with other CSP members.

This process will provide you the opportunity to understand the dynamics of the organisation; what you can offer CSP as well as what CSP can offer you and provide CSP members with the opportunity to gauge the suitability of prospective members and how they will fit into the organisation.

The membership application form also asks that the applicant to provide authority for a Police Suitability Check to be done prior to the application form being tabled.

Once the application is processed, the applicant is advised of the outcome. If the application is successful, then the new member is required to pay their membership fee. This fee is paid annually on or by 1st July each year.

This membership payment assists with paying for the Public Liability Policy and other insurance policies which Community Supporting Police is required to hold to ensure all members and members of the public are covered in case of an incident.

Once you are a financial member you can:

  1. Perform roles on the committees (Management or Branch)
  2. Volunteer at events (fundraising and/or promotional)
  3. Combination of both (1 & 2) above
  4. General members: who financially assist through their membership payments; attend various CSP fundraising activities / events as paying guest

Committee Members

  • Serve on either the Brisbane based Management Committee or one of the 4 locally based Branch Committees in: Far North Queensland Region, Townsville, Central Region or Southern Region.
  • Brisbane Management Committee members attend monthly meetings and assist with administration and planning for future fundraising and promotional activities;
  • Brisbane Management Committee members fulfil roles such as: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Emergency Accommodation Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Promotions & Marketing Coordinator, Merchandise Coordinator, and Webmaster.
  • Branch Committees members attend meetings as outlined within the Branch rules and assist with administration and planning of future fundraising and promotional activities within the local area.
  • Branch Committees members fulfil roles including: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Emergency Accommodation Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Promotions & Marketing Coordinator, and other roles as determined by the respective Branch.

Event Volunteer Members

  • Event Volunteer members are not required to attend monthly meetings – they instead participate at various fundraising and promotional activities throughout the year. These events include but at are not limited to: school fetes, regional shows and festivals, Behind the Crime nights, as well as community presentations.
  • Event Volunteer members fundraise to support the emergency accommodation units in their location. These funds provide: furniture, appliances, bedding, cleaning, payment of utility bills and basic welcome pack for the local emergency accommodation facilities.

General Members

  • All members of Community Supporting Police Inc are invited to attend 3 General Meeting per year, one of which is the Annual General Meeting.
  • At these meetings general members have the opportunity to participate in decisions and at the AGM all members are provided the opportunity to nominate for positions on the Management Committee.


Members of Community Supporting Police Inc are bound by the legal rights and powers of the Constitution, which may be made available by request from our Contact Us page.

Branch Rules

Each Branch of the Community Supporting Police is governed by the Branch Rules.

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