Supporting Those Who Support Us


The elected Management Committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of February, March, May, June, July, August and October of each year at 6.30 pm.

General meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of April and November at 7.00pm

The AGM is held on the second Wednesday in September at 7.00pm.

Meetings of regional CSP Inc. Branches are organised through the Secretary of the Branch.

The CSP Inc. Management Committee applies for re-election each year at the AGM. The patron of CSP Inc. is Commissioner of Police, Mr Ian Stewart APM.

* Mr Dan Mahon (President)
* Mr Bryan Brown (Vice President)
* Mr Victor Serchen (Treasurer)
* Mrs Cecelia Serchen (Secretary)
* Ms Nadene Sander (Helping Hand Treasurer)
* Inspector Leonie Fordyce (QPS Liaison Officer)
* Chaplain Rev. Doug Foster (QPS Chaplaincy and Human Services Reps)
* Mrs Cecelia Serchen (Events Coordinator)
* Ms Peggy Campbell (Emergency Accommodation Coordinator)
* Mr Victor Serchen (Web Adviser)
* Ms Colleen MacCarthy (Merchandise Officer)
* Ms Deborah Nicolson (Marketing and Promotions Coordinator)
* Ms Colleen MacCarthy (Police Beat Liaison)
* Mrs Cecelia Serchen (Branch Liaison)
* Mr Col Diachkoff (Blue Ribbon Rep)
* Mr Victor Serchen (Members Registrar)

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